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Auto Settings

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Auto Settings apply setting for each applications or when system status, automatically.This app is Full version.You can add settings as you like.In Full version you can use the system settings.This is applied when system state is changed. For example, the battery get low, the headphone connection is changed, and so on.
Auto Settings is intended for use in the following situations.* In usually, I want to disable the screen rotation, but when I use a photo apps, I want to enable it.* To make batteries last longer, I want to enable Wifi and GPS, in several apps only.* When viewing web Articles and e-book apps, you want to disable the automatic-screen-off.
Auto Settings has following features.* You can register the settings and apps which apply new setting.* Auto Settings detect of launching of registered apps, and to apply the setting.* When the Home key is pressed or unregistered app is launched, Auto Settings restore the previous settings. (*1* When the setting is applied or restored, Auto Settings will show the modified notification by Toast.* When system state is changed. For example, the battery get low, the headphone connection is changed, setting is applied.
(*1 In Some device, it works by back button.
You can change the following settings.・Mobile Data Network (On,Off)
・Wifi (On,Off)
・GPS (*2 (On,Off)
・Bluetooth (On,Off)
・Screen-Rotation (On, Off)
・Screen-Off time (15sec,30sec,1min,2min,10min,30min,Never)
・Screen-Brightness (*3 (Auto,0%,25%,50%,75%,100%)
・Media(Music) Volume ( 0(Mute) to 15(Max) )
(*2 GPS setting should be changed yourself by Android's specific.Auto Settings help to change by opening setting screen.
(*3 "Screen-Brightness" will not take effect immediately.After applying the settings, please turn off screen, then turn on, for taking effect.
System settings is available in Full version.
It will be applied the following cases.* On System Start* Low Battery* Headphone Plugged In / Pulled Out* Power Plugged In / Pulled Out* Screen turned On / Off
* Privacy *Auto Settings access to the recent launched app information for detection of other apps launch.However, Auto Settings does NOT save your log infomation in inside, never.Of course, Auto Settings does NOT send your infomation to the outside, never.(Also, this app does NOT have a permission to communicate with the outside.)
* Thanks *Debug, Feature request - Yuki YamamotoTitle Design - Yuta Oike